General questions to help you get started

Which networks do the Blueberry Vaults support?

The Blueberry Vaults currently only support Arbitrum. Any assets from GMX on Avalanche will NOT be compatible.

What is GMX?

GMX is a decentralized exchange that supports low swap fees. Trading is supported by a multi-asset pool that earns fees which are shared with the pool's liquidity providers.

GMX is available on Arbitrum and Avalanche, but the Blueberry Vaults only support Arbitrum at the moment.

You can find project documentation for GMX here.

What is GLP?

GLP is the token that liquidity providers receive after they add assets into the liquidity pool. To get GLP, you must add one of the following Arbitrum assets into the pool:


Holders of GLP receive ETH rewards. You can get GLP here with any one of those assets listed above.

Does the GLP Non-Leveraged Vault increase my GMX staking rewards?

No, currently the GLP Non-Leveraged Vault only increases the reward rate of having a GLP position, but more features are continually being built out. Feedback and requests can be sent to the Discord.

How can I ask more questions?

We have a strong (and growing) community. Feel free to ask your questions to the community or directly to any of the moderators:

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